Monday, November 28, 2011

An Absurd Adventurer in Space (Camp)! Part 3

Read about Caitlin's adventure to the Advanced Space Academy (Space Camp): part one and part two!

 Day 2: August 29, 2011 (part 2)
...I knew I was scuba diving afterwards and I was a bit nervous.

To get to the top of the tank we had to go up 5 flights of stairs! The pool was definitely creepy – it was really blue and on the walls, as wallpaper, were pictures of real astronauts training underwater. The tank is 24 feet deep, 30 feet in diameter, and 92 degrees Fahrenheit. We had to swim across and onto a platform where we learned how to get water out of the regulator, techniques for finding our regulator if it was knocked out of our mouth, how to hook up to an emergency air supply, and how to empty our goggles underwater. We then got to go down the ladder which takes a long time because you have to stop every few steps to unblock your ears and make sure everything is okay. Once down there, I played basketball, catch, and baseball…with a bowling ball! I built a pyramid and shot off a rocket and I also was able to lift a giant 100-pound ball over my head with one hand. It was quiet down there except when the bowling balls hit together or when someone taps on the glass – it now makes sense why you aren’t supposed to tap on the glass at an aquarium because it is very loud. After about 45 minutes down there, we slowly made our way to the surface. So far, the Underwater Astronaut Trainer has been my favorite thing to do even though I was originally terrified by it!