Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Space Camp

Everyone knows about Space Camp, right?! It was the topic and title of a movie made in the 1980s and was often the grand prize on some great Nickelodeon game shows. It might have been on Double Dare, What Would You Do?, Nick Arcade…all we know is that we fondly remember watching many episodes and being SO JEALOUS that the winner got to go to Space Camp. It seemed so fun! You got to pretend to be an astronaut and wear a blue jumpsuit and sit in simulators and do…well, space-things. We’re not sure that we ever actually saw a contestant on one of these shows win the trip to Space Camp – which made it seem that much more mysterious and awesome. Did it really even exist? It was a lot like the trips to Universal Studios that were often offered but never won. Were these REAL places that REAL people could go to? We definitely had our doubts.

Well, guess who just went to Space Camp? 

Our very own Absurd Adventurer, Caitlin! She spent a week in Huntsville, Alabama at the United States Space and Rocket Center learning what it takes to become an astronaut, going through flight simulators, wearing that fun blue jumpsuit, trying out equipment, scuba diving, and touring rocket museums.

She ACTUALLY WENT TO SPACE CAMP! We have all the stories and pictures from her trip to show you and, since, it really was the adventure of a lifetime, we’ve decided to present her experiences in a series we’re calling AN ABSURD ADVENTURER IN SPACE (CAMP)! Make sure you come back often to read each new story, or better yet, sign up for our mailing list (on the right) to get each entry sent right to your email.

Here are two pictures to show you that this all actually happened and to get you excited for what is to come:

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