Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stranded on an Island in a Thunder Storm (part 1)

We made our annual pilgrimage to the great town of Eustis, Maine this summer and, for some reason, we were still surprised when we had one of the greatest adventures of our lives. If you've read our blog, you already know that although we vacation in Eustis every year, it's not exactly the most happening place in the world. Or in the country. Or the northeast. Or Maine. Or in the 30 mile radius between Maine and Canada. Anyway, what we're trying to say is that there is almost nothing to do in Eustis, Maine - but we have never had a shortage of fun or strange experiences while there, which is why we continue to go back and why it has become one of our favorite places in the world. (Check out our other Eustis posts here, here, and here!)

We decided to go out onto Flagstaff Lake for a nice day of boating and to have a picnic on one of the islands. And by "decided", I mean that we were told that's what we were going to do - and we weren't exactly excited about the idea. We've been on the lake many times, kayaking and boating, and we never saw any land that would be suitable to stop on. In our previous experience, we've only seen rocky shores, swampy water, downed tree branches, and overall dangerous-looking precipices not exactly conducive to a picnic. But, when you're in Eustis, Maine, any idea to do something is the idea that wins because there aren't too many ideas floating around.

So we all climbed into the little boat and set sail for about an hour, all of which was amazing. It was an overcast day which was great because it wasn't too hot and we weren't dying of skin cancer. The water was choppy, which always makes for a good time, and the views on Flagstaff Lake were absolutely beautiful. There are mountains completely surrounding the lake and and it is definitely worth going to if you ever get the chance. I don't know if we've ever seen such a serene, natural, beautiful landscape in all of our travels.

As we said, we were on the boat for about an hour until we reached our destination - which did not look like it could possibly be where we were actually stopping! We sort of crash-landed into some brush (Caitlin taking the brunt of that impact) and the only way to get up to land was to walk across a fallen tree trunk that stretched from its roots in the ground to the water.

Again, our hopes were not very high that it would be an enjoyable trip - and we were pleasantly surprised! The island turned out to be beautiful! It is actually a pretty popular camping spot, so there were fire pits and log-benches. The sun came out and we sat on rocks in the water eating sandwiches and reading books. It was windy so the bugs weren't too bad and everything just turned out to be way better than we expected!

But of course, everything eventually gets old and boring and we started getting antsy to leave. We wanted to leave at about 3:30 but didn't get everyone on board with the idea and packing up to go until about 4:30...when we saw really dark clouds start to roll in and heard thunder. Then came the heavy rain and lightening....

Stay tuned for part 2 of "Stranded on an Island in a Thunderstorm" coming soon!