Monday, October 31, 2011

Unfortunately we have been hit with a crazy October blizzard! Power is out all over the place, branches are covering the streets, and it's an overall sketchy situation. Although it is an AMAZING adventure and we do love it, it means that we were only able to visit 2 haunted house attractions this year! We usually average 4 a year so we're a bit disappointed in ourselves.

Check out our older posts! In 2009, we went to the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce, Castle of Fear, Fright Kingdom, and Haunted Overload. In 2010, we revisited the Factory of Terror, Barrett's Haunted Mansion, and Castle of Fear.

This year, we were only able to get to the Factory of Terror, and Barrett's Haunted Mansion  but in our extensive experience, we've found that these two are the reigning champions of haunted attractions in New England. So, even though we've only seen 2 this year, we think we definitely managed to get to the 2 best.

What are your haunted house stories from 2011? We'd love to hear them!