Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Parade!

Although we haven't written about it before, we, here at Absurd Adventurers, are HUGE hockey fans. We have only been watching it for about 2 years but in that time we have gone to countless AHL games, an NHL game, and spent probably way too much time watching games on TV - and NEVER missing a game with our favorite team, the Boston Bruins.

This year, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. They WON THE STANLEY CUP. The Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. The Boston Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions! We will never get tired of writing or saying that :)

So, when it was announced that there would be a rolling rally parade to celebrate this momentous occasion on Saturday June 18, there was no question in our minds that we would be there.

And of course it was an adventure.

The parade was set to start at 11 so we left at our house at 6:30 in the morning to take the T into Boston. Everything went so smoothly and we got to Boylston St. at around 8:30. We had a perfect spot right on the barricade and were so excited for the parade to begin! When the duck boats turned the corner and started to head toward us, the crowd went crazy! We got to see Chara, Claude Julien, Thornton, Seguin, Savard, Kaberle, Krejci, Rask, Peverley, Ference, and Campbell and were able to get a pretty good look at Lucic and Horton, even though they were on the other side. We seemed to miss a bunch of players because they were on the side opposite of us but we still got some really great pictures and it was just really fun being there - especially when they blew black and gold confetti from a truck and played "Dirty Water."

We left pretty much immediately after the duck boats passed us and discovered that it wouldn't be as easy to get home as it was to get there! After a mistake that put us on the wrong train, we got to Kenmore Station to get on the right train - and train after train after train after train stopped and were so packed with people in Bruins shirts that we couldn't even get on any of them! The doors would open and it was just a wall of people looking at us like we better not even think about getting on because there was no room.

By the 4th or 5th train, Caitlin made the executive decision to do whatever it took to get on - we were so tired and hungry! Thankfully a couple people got off and we were able to wedge ourselves in in very uncomfortable and unsafe positions. It was so hard to stay in balance!! Our stop was the very last the train would make so we got to experience a ridiculous phenomenon that seemed to happen at every single stop. Every time the train opened its doors, the lights and air would shut off and multiple people (whose arms and hands had nowhere else to go but to grab the ceiling) would bang on the ceiling to get it all to turn back on - which of course was accompanied by cheers from the rest of the people onboard.

When we finally got back to our car, we realized just how hungry we really were! We decided to stop at Panera (which we love) and when we were leaving there, we met two older women who complimented us on our Bruins-themed outfits. When we told them that we went to the parade, we opened the floodgates of conversation! We got to hear about them moving here from Maryland in the '70s, the great Bobby Orr, big crowds, Tim Thomas needing some tough love (which we didn't understand), men with beards vs. men without (including one of the women's husbands who apparently looks like a plucked chicken without a beard), the Vancouver riots, tall, dark, and handsome hockey players, and more until we could finally make our escape! It was honestly the perfect kooky ending to a wild day!