Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Absurd Adventurer in Space (Camp)! part 4

(Make sure to read part 1, part 2 , and part 3!!) 

Day 3 (August 30, 2011)
These days are long and exhausting! Today I had some oatmeal before our mission. I was Commander and Scientist on the Space Station so I got to do some fun experiments. I made some polyurethane foam and got to ride in a chair that spun for 30 seconds with a blindfold on. That showed the rapid movements of our eyes.  

After that, a guest speaker named Alex McCool talked to us. He worked for NASA as a propulsion engineer and helped the US get to the moon. We also went to a museum and learned about space flight starting in the 1940s. I also used some of this time to go to the gift shop. Then I had some lunch which was delicious. A pulled pork sandwich, french fries, broccoli in cheese sauce, and apple crisp. After lunch we got to go on the Multi-Axis Trainer. I was nervous because we just ate and the lighter you are the faster you turned but it did not make you dizzy or nauseous at all! It was awesome! Then we had supper and I had some macaroni and cheese, which I could tell was Stouffer’s – my favorite.

After supper, we took a bus to Aviation Challenge where we got to be pilots in a simulator. It was so hard! There were so many buttons and you had to remember what speeds were necessary to do different things, so, basically I learned that I am not cut out to be a pilot. (I didn’t even know how to turn the engines on!) The last thing we did was ride the Centrifuge. That is a robotic arm that has a capsule attached to it that you sit in and you spin around and experience 3.2 G’s. It was cool but it felt like my face was melting off and it got really hard to breathe. But it was really fun!