Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revisiting the Papier-Mâché Dress Form

Although we have been slacking in adventures lately, warm weather is just around the corner and that always means ridiculous stories and wild drives, so we'll be sure to post some new fun very shortly.

In the meantime, we have noticed that many of the people who come to Absurd Adventurers do so through our post "Papier-Mâché Dress Form" that we wrote all the way back on January 30, 2010. We realized that we never wrote a follow up about that project or whether or not it actually worked. Well...........

it was a complete bust.

If you decide to make your own dress form out of papier-mâché, we suggest letting it fully dry before cutting it off. However, this is difficult because you will have to face hypothermia, numb limbs, claustrophobia, and a general uncomfortable feeling for a few hours. If you can power through all of these side effects and can actually wait for everything to dry before cutting it off, it will probably be much easier to reassemble it and have a workable dress form.

Although we waited for the top layer of paper to harden, we ended up cutting it all off before the bottom layers had a chance to dry and when we put it somewhere safe to dry, it ended up getting misshapen and it was impossible to glue up the side and actually make it work.

Now, Caitlin has a professional dress form and, even though it obviously costs a lot more than a homemade one, it's definitely worth the money.


  1. It's too bad that the paper-mâché dress form didn't work. I was looking for a cheaper way to make one so I could sew more often.

  2. We think it might be worth a try if you take it very slowly - doing one layer at a time and allowing it to dry fully before doing another layer.

    If you try it, let us know how it works out for you!

  3. sorry i havent read your earlier blog, but im guessing you tried to use paper mache to form a dressform around yourselves? not meaning to sound horrible but of course that wouldnt work, it dries too slowly, what is perfect for this type of thing, modrock, its plaster of paris embedded into sheets of gauze like material, the type of stuff used for casts if you break your leg or something, i dont know where in the world your from, but if its england i know you can pick this stuff up at any craft type store, it comes on a big roll and you just cut it up, dip in water then smooth onto the body, if you did about 4/5 layers, maybe take 30mins to an hour, depending on how quick you are and would dry in 10-20 mins, im guessing, having not used it for this exact purpose yet, although i plan to, prevously ive used it on the face for making masks etc and its been great, i know its a bit late now, but hopefully this tip will help someone down the line!

    1. i forgot to say aswell, having actually just looked at the initial blog, that with this you have to first make a form of the front, and then one of the back and then join them together when they are off the body, otherwise you wont be able to take it off as it does dry very quickly and you could be trapped! not very good so yeah if anyone does do this with modrock please only do one side at a time!