Sunday, December 5, 2010

How did you get here?! Vol. 4

It's that time again when the adventures are few and far between because of other priorities and we begin to look back on all the fun we've had, including the wild things people search to find us.

"spots on lungs"
Sorry, but we don't have emphysema. And we hope you don't either.

"to be hungry"
How 'bout you conjugate that verb and get back to us.

We just really love thinking that someone typed "hell" into Google and our blog came up. We say it would fit better under "Heaven" or even "Purgatory" but I guess "hell" will do.

"disappointed in you"
Sorry :(

"zero regrets apolo ohno"
Well, 6 weeks of physical therapy later, Caitlin's number 1 regret is pretending to be Apolo Ohno...

"fear the dragon"
Fear the dragon, slay the soul, take down the beast.

"feet stuck in glue"
We both have wanted to walk on paste before so this might finally give us a reason to!

"jungle ops"
For once, we feel that whoever searched for this was accurately directed to the right blog! JUNGLE OPS 24/7/365 TCB ALL DAY EVERY DAY!