Thursday, October 21, 2010

Factory of Terror

October is finally here, which means that we have begun our annual tour of as many haunted houses as we possibly can get to before Halloween! Our first trip this year was to a place we first went to two years ago, The Factory of Terror in Fall River, MA. We didn’t go to the Factory last year, and we weren’t sure what to expect because it was the first haunted house we ever went to and it is the one that kicked off our annual tradition. We didn’t know if it would seem less scary to us now that we’ve been to so many, or if it would be exactly the same as the first time we visited it. Either way, we were excited to finally start going to haunted houses again.

We went on a Friday night and the line was long, but it moved pretty quickly. There was a video outside to hold us over before we made it inside and once we did, there was another line to wait in. However, like I said, it moved pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was our turn. We are not going to give anything away, of course, but we both got really scared and had a lot of fun when we were in the Factory. There were so many different rooms to go through and even though there were some of the same things as the last time we went, there were also so many things that were new - or maybe we just couldn't remember that well.

We would definitely suggest going to The Factory of Terror because it's really well done and is actually really scary. It's also completely indoors (except waiting in the initial line to get in) which makes it perfect for rainy and cold nights. The best part of the Factory is the last room that you'll go through - it's the perfect mix of terror and confusion that seems to last for so long but only lasts for a little while. We don't want to ruin the "surprise" but we will say that the last room made us lose all track of time and space...which was crazy and awesome.

Using The Factory of Terror as our first haunted house of the "season" was a really good idea. It's a great place to go and it somehow always manages to make us fall or bruise. Our throats also got sore from screaming, which can't be anything but a good sign. We definitely recommend checking it out.

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