Saturday, October 23, 2010

Barrett's Haunted Mansion

On this most recent Friday haunted house trip, we went to Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA. The line to get in was SO LONG and it felt like it took forever to get inside. It wasn’t bad, though, because they played the creepy parts from a bunch of different scary movies on this huge screen hanging from the tent over the line, so it was actually kind of cool standing there and seeing all different important scenes from movies we’ve seen and some we’ve never even heard of (which reminds us that we need to see Jacob's Ladder.) It also started raining when we were waiting, but, again, they have a tent you can stand under so the weather isn't really a problem. Also, there are tons of people dressed up walking in and out of the line scaring people, which helps to pass the time.

I just want to go out on a limb and say that even though we have only been to two haunted houses so far this year, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion was definitely the best. We went there once two years ago and I can’t remember it being as good as it was this year. Of course we’re not going to tell you what the rooms are like or what happens once inside, but we will tell you that if you can only go to one haunted house, this one should be the one you go to. The only drawback was that it felt like it was a really long wait for only a few minutes of actually being inside the place. However, it was so awesome and scary inside it that we think it was worth it. You know it’s a good place when the person in your group who never gets scared actually gets scared! We like to think that, at this point, we've become pretty familiar with the typical haunted house setups and tricks (and we still love them all) but there were some things in Barrett's Haunted Mansion that we've never seen before! It was definitely worth the trip to Abington and we're sure we'll be going back again and again to see the new things they add to the "mansion."

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