Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wildcat Mountain Ziprider

Our major goal of this summer was to go ziplining while on vacation in New Hampshire. We looked around and "researched" a bunch of places and figured that, for what we were looking for, the Ziprider at Wildcat Mountain would be the best option. A ride on the zipline cost $20 (with an additional ride costing $10) and we were pumped! Right when we got there we knew it was going to be INCREDIBLE so we just kept saying that word over and over again. We got there around 1:00pm and we couldn't actually go on the Ziprider until 4:00pm, so we took a little trail to see a waterfall.

We were on the trail with our brother and sister and, of course, had to make it more interesting than just walking to the waterfall. Every time the ziprider went by, it sounded like a helicopter - so obviously we started playing Vietnam War and ran through the trail ducking and hiding from the Viet Cong. Once we got to the waterfall we all decided to take advantage of the opportunity to show off our jungle cat skills and hike up and around the waterfall. We also decided that it would be way more interesting, fun, and dangerous to abandon the trail back and just walk along the river. We got to pretend to be Huck Finn and Jim as we jumped over rocks, balanced on trees that fell across the river, and scale rock walls to avoid getting wet. Even if we left and went home after jungle-catting through the river, the day would have definitely been worth it.

But that wasn't the end! The fun was just beginning! We had to take a ski-lift up onto a mountain (which forced Caitlin to face her intense fear of heights) and then walk up another hill to get to the actual Ziprider. There's not much for me to write about the actual experience except that it was amazing! We were sitting in a chair harness and went about a half a mile down the mountain - with beautiful views all around us. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take our camera on the actual ride, so these pictures will have to suffice.

We highly recommend going to Wildcat Mountain and trying out the Ziprider if you find yourself in New Hampshire with an extra $20. You won't regret it, we promise!