Monday, July 19, 2010


We have already written a post or two about good ol' Eustis, Maine and how little there is to do there - unless you love the outdoors. This year, we decided to embrace all that this little town has to offer and our first adventure was kayaking! We've always wanted to try it out and we found the best deal we have ever seen before - $10 kayak rental...for the whole day! Around here you can usually rent a kayak for about $10 an hour but in Eustis, they live a different kind of lifestyle: one where they don't try to rip you off.

We went out on Flagstaff Lake and at first, we had no idea what we were doing. The lady who showed us where they kept the kayaks out back deserted us (which we actually liked way more than if she had stayed to try to help us) and we had to drag them down a steep hill to get into the water. Getting in/pushing off in the kayaks proved to be pretty unwieldy for us since we've had no experience in that area whatsoever but we soon figured it out and....

We discovered our life's calling! We were SO GOOD at kayaking! It's probably not the hardest "sport" in the world to pick up on - after all, it's just the rotation of your arms - but we were way better at it than we thought we would be! We kayaked for about an hour until we got to where we were staying, got out, had lunch and watched Avatar (probably what everyone does after they've been kayaking for an hour) and then got back on them when the sun was setting to bring them back where we got them.

Even though it was such a great adventure in itself, the whole kayaking-thing could not have happened without something ridiculous occurring because then it would not have been a typical Kathryn and Caitlin adventure. When we got back to where we originally set out from, we remembered the steep hill that we would now have to drag the kayaks UP - with sore arms and wet flip flops. Caitlin could not get a good footing in her flip flops and kept slipping out of them, almost slicing her foot open and eroding the dirt shore in the process. But, it all worked out alright and we now have a new favorite hobby that we hope to practice every chance we get.


  1. Well the post you send previous were good but this one is awesome as i love to do boating.Keep Continue

  2. Thank you! We hope you'll keep reading!