Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Did You Get Here?! Vol. 3

We love finding out the search terms people used to end up at our site because a lot of them are RIDICULOUS and we're sure the people who got here wonder how they ended up reading about adventures around New England.  So, here is our third installment of "How Did You Get Here?!"

1. "the scariest thing in the world"
I don't really like the idea of someone finding my sister and I when they tried finding the scariest thing in the whole world, but it's cool. We're not sure what the definitive "scariest thing" is in the world, but here are our votes:
-deep ocean water

2. "octopus people"
We didn't know such a thing existed! We hope that you found that we are not, in fact, octopus people but we have seen an octopus before (New England Aquarium) and we have been in touch with some pretty kooky people (Alien Communication) so, if we find some octopus people in the future, we'll definitely post our conversation with them!

3. "hardware store logo"
We somehow find ourselves in hardware stores in a lot of different places, despite the fact that neither of us is particularly handy around the house, nor do we love hammers and nails. If we did decide to open our own hardware store, however, we'd probably call it "Hard? Where? Here!" and the logo would have someone with a hammer and overalls delighted at finding our store.

4. "paper mache hot air balloon"
We don't suggest trying to make one of these or actually use one - it doesn't sound very safe.

5. "face looking up"
We often go to places that require us to look up but that is usually not the best part of the adventure so we rarely take pictures or describe ourselves doing it, sorry.

6. "awesome face"
Glad you found exactly what you were looking for!

7. "i want to look like that guy"
This one makes me sad and I hope that whoever searched for it realized that they should be happy looking like themselves.

8. "oh no you didn't"
Oh....yea we did.

9. "jesus is everywhere"
But I don't think you found him here...

10. "it was never easy for me"
We hope that reading some of our adventures made life a little bit easier for you.


  1. That entry made me laugh. Thanks.
    Btw, I found you through another site that had a posting on the gates of hell.