Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Did You Get Here?! Vol. 3

We love finding out the search terms people used to end up at our site because a lot of them are RIDICULOUS and we're sure the people who got here wonder how they ended up reading about adventures around New England.  So, here is our third installment of "How Did You Get Here?!"

1. "the scariest thing in the world"
I don't really like the idea of someone finding my sister and I when they tried finding the scariest thing in the whole world, but it's cool. We're not sure what the definitive "scariest thing" is in the world, but here are our votes:
-deep ocean water

2. "octopus people"
We didn't know such a thing existed! We hope that you found that we are not, in fact, octopus people but we have seen an octopus before (New England Aquarium) and we have been in touch with some pretty kooky people (Alien Communication) so, if we find some octopus people in the future, we'll definitely post our conversation with them!

3. "hardware store logo"
We somehow find ourselves in hardware stores in a lot of different places, despite the fact that neither of us is particularly handy around the house, nor do we love hammers and nails. If we did decide to open our own hardware store, however, we'd probably call it "Hard? Where? Here!" and the logo would have someone with a hammer and overalls delighted at finding our store.

4. "paper mache hot air balloon"
We don't suggest trying to make one of these or actually use one - it doesn't sound very safe.

5. "face looking up"
We often go to places that require us to look up but that is usually not the best part of the adventure so we rarely take pictures or describe ourselves doing it, sorry.

6. "awesome face"
Glad you found exactly what you were looking for!

7. "i want to look like that guy"
This one makes me sad and I hope that whoever searched for it realized that they should be happy looking like themselves.

8. "oh no you didn't"
Oh....yea we did.

9. "jesus is everywhere"
But I don't think you found him here...

10. "it was never easy for me"
We hope that reading some of our adventures made life a little bit easier for you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Purgatory Chasm

 Purgatory Chasm is one of those places that you hear about a million times, like Spider Gates, if you grow up in Massachusetts - but, for some reason, we've never been before! We've heard so much about it but when we decided to go a couple days ago, we didn't really know what to expect. Even though it's hard, we really try not to make any assumptions (see: Tips for a Successful Adventure) about places we're going to because we don't want to get there and then be disappointed, but...we couldn't help it with this one. We expected it to be kind of boring, a really quick trip, nothing exciting.

And when we got there we were pleasantly surprised! There were tons of cars in the parking lot and we saw people walking by us with legit hiking gear and we knew that it was going to be way better than what we had anticipated. Caitlin was especially excited because she knew she would have another chance to practice and show off her jungle-cat climbing skills.

Even though there were a lot of people there, and lots of kids, we managed to be alone most of the time so that we could explore and, of course, stage photo ops.

Once again, we wish that we brought a lunch because by the time we were done with the "Chasm Loop", we were hungry and tired - but mostly hot because we picked an 85 degree day to do this. Also, there are tons of picnic tables and a gazebo that would have been so cute to have lunch under.

All in all, Purgatory Chasm was a great idea and a great way to spend our midmorning. We would definitely recommend it and I'm sure we'll end up going again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mt. Wachusett

One of our bucket list items is to climb a mountain even though we've done it before in Atlanta, GA. We've both climbed Stone Mountain a couple times but we decided not to make our list based on things we've already done so we headed out to climb Mt. Wachusett in Princeton, MA. The decision to go was sort of last-minute so we didn't make the usual preparations - we didn't even pack a lunch! But we both figured that it couldn't be THAT strenuous or difficult so we wouldn't even be hungry.

I love being trail master whenever we go exploring at wildlife sanctuaries and other places so I chose Pine Hill Trail because it looked to be the shortest way to the top. It might have occurred to us that this would also probably be the steepest trail, didn't. However, before we even got to the mountain, we took a little detour to Redemption Rock (accidentally, of course.) According to the website, this rock is GREAT because it is large and historic and, if you're especially into over-sized rocks, we're sure it's very exciting. We weren't exactly thrilled by it, though, even though Caitlin did get to use her jungle-cat instincts to climb to the top.

Oh, and if you do check out Redemption Rock (which we would recommend as part of a day-long exploring trip, not as the highlight of your day), please be careful driving down the dirt and rock path - it's very easy to lose control of your car when going over the rocks......

Once we got to the mountain, we were pumped to get started because we both had on our best hiking outfits and we planned on being pro-hiker the whole way up. We moved from Bicentennial Trail to Pine Hill Trail and, almost immediately, we realized that this was going to be a lot more exercise than we anticipated. Maybe it has something to do with constantly hearing about Mt. Wachusett skiing, watching the commercials on TV, and the idea that the mountain is in Massachusetts, but we thought it was going to be pretty flat the whole time - which makes no sense considering that we knew we were climbing a MOUNTAIN. 

There were rock "stairs" almost the whole way up which made it easier but we also were laughing the entire time, which took a lot of our energy and made us really tired. Our pride was also bruised when a huge group of kids from the Boys & Girls Club came down looking like they were doing the easiest thing in the world. However, we did make it to the top and it only took us about 20-25 minutes (with frequent breaks!) The "summit" was great because it was so breezy and cool and you could see really far. It probably would have been better if we chose a day with less clouds, but it was still really beautiful and we both thought it was worth the hike. It would have been the perfect place to have a cute lunch but, again, we were unprepared for that. 

When we were walking back down the mountain the thing that we had both been waiting for finally happened...I slipped on a rock and slid down the rocky path. I don't know that I have ever heard Caitlin laugh so hard or long in her whole life and we both had to sit down for a good 3 minutes until we got over our laughing enough to keep going. 

All in all, the trip was definitely worth it and we plan on doing it again but using a different trail. If you do happen to spend the day there, we recommend the Countryside Cafe on the way back (in Sterling) because we had amazing sandwiches in the cutest little building you could ever find. 

Monday, July 19, 2010


We have already written a post or two about good ol' Eustis, Maine and how little there is to do there - unless you love the outdoors. This year, we decided to embrace all that this little town has to offer and our first adventure was kayaking! We've always wanted to try it out and we found the best deal we have ever seen before - $10 kayak rental...for the whole day! Around here you can usually rent a kayak for about $10 an hour but in Eustis, they live a different kind of lifestyle: one where they don't try to rip you off.

We went out on Flagstaff Lake and at first, we had no idea what we were doing. The lady who showed us where they kept the kayaks out back deserted us (which we actually liked way more than if she had stayed to try to help us) and we had to drag them down a steep hill to get into the water. Getting in/pushing off in the kayaks proved to be pretty unwieldy for us since we've had no experience in that area whatsoever but we soon figured it out and....

We discovered our life's calling! We were SO GOOD at kayaking! It's probably not the hardest "sport" in the world to pick up on - after all, it's just the rotation of your arms - but we were way better at it than we thought we would be! We kayaked for about an hour until we got to where we were staying, got out, had lunch and watched Avatar (probably what everyone does after they've been kayaking for an hour) and then got back on them when the sun was setting to bring them back where we got them.

Even though it was such a great adventure in itself, the whole kayaking-thing could not have happened without something ridiculous occurring because then it would not have been a typical Kathryn and Caitlin adventure. When we got back to where we originally set out from, we remembered the steep hill that we would now have to drag the kayaks UP - with sore arms and wet flip flops. Caitlin could not get a good footing in her flip flops and kept slipping out of them, almost slicing her foot open and eroding the dirt shore in the process. But, it all worked out alright and we now have a new favorite hobby that we hope to practice every chance we get.