Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reality TV Star

Chances are good that you watch, or at least have heard of, MTV's new reality show, "The Jersey Shore." It basically follows a bunch of people from New Jersey and surrounding areas as they live through a summer on, you guessed it, the Jersey Shore. But, we probably didn't have to give you that short synopsis because we know you watch it - because everyone watches it. You might be that fan who has embraced the show fully, admits to watching it, has a favorite, and quotes the show in different situations, or, you're the person who only watches it "to see how degrading and stereotypical it actually is"...whatever fan-type you identify with, you're watching.

And so are we. So, when we heard that one of the most well-known characters, DJ Pauly D, would be coming to a club near us, we had to go! When we found out we laughed about it at first, imagining the type of people who would go hoping for a chance to meet him or take a picture. Then we thought of how funny it would be if we went and got a picture with him. Then, about two hours before the actual event started, we thought that there was no way we could possibly miss it and actually got ourselves pumped up about getting to see him.

We headed down to Club Universe and got in line behind a bunch of very young-looking people. We knew it would be an all-ages event but assumed that there had to at least be a minimum age of about...14? At 21, I was definitely the oldest person waiting in line and we both felt a little awkward when we saw that we were much more covered up than some girls who must have been 12 years old. When we got in, it was a typical club, basically, ridiculous, funny, and weird and we kept trying to figure out if the DJ was Pauly D or not, but decided that his hair was definitely not high or hard enough to meet the Jersey Shore standards.

After about an hour of thinking that this may have been a pointless, but still fun, night, Pauly D came walking in! With an entourage and everything. He walked right in front of where Caitlin and I were sitting, followed by the entire population of the club - mostly girls - running, screaming, crying, and holding up their cameras. We almost had to question if there was a more famous person who walked in behind him that we just missed, but no, it was just Pauly D and his team of security.

We got into an extremely long line to get our picture taken with him because we had to have photographic proof that we were dumb/awesome enough to actually go. Unfortunately, we were not able to try to infiltrate his hair nor were we able to look like normal, healthy human beings next to his skin tone. We did, however, succeed in getting our picture taken with a marginally well-known star of an MTV reality show that we can show our children with pride in the future.

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