Friday, January 15, 2010

How Did You Get Here? Vol. 2

The adventures have been few and far between lately, so we decided to take another look at how people are finding our blog and address these fun and fascinating (we're sure) people:

1. "absurd encounter with fear"
-Although we have many absurd encounters with things and peo
ple, we have never thought of any of our adventures as an "absurd encounter with fear." However, it is such a FANTASTIC description that we are surely going to use it in the future, so thank you, whoever searched for this!

2. "what did our lady of fatima look like"
-We're going to assume that you were not satisfied with our account of our trip to the "Our Lady of Fatima Community Shrine" and we apologize that you didn't find what you were looking for here, so we found an illustration of her for you. We also hope that seeing the kookiness of giant murals in a man's back yard was interesting enough for you.
3. "is spider gates cemetery haunted"

4. "on our way to stardom"
-It's usually pretty obvious how the mix-up occurs when someone searches for something and accidentally finds their way to our blog instead. This one is not that easy. We're obviously poster children for being on the way to stardom but other than that...we hope you found what you were looking for!

5. "i thought you said i'm alright spider"
-There have been so many people who have searched for this and got our blog! Once again, Goodfellas.

6. "alien communication 2009"
-We're not sure how much alien communication changes from year to year but in 2009 we definitely made contact with an alien and we are lucky to still have control over our own minds.

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