Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Adventures in Alien Communication

One of Caitlin's favorite topics in the world is space. She loves thinking about it, talking about it, looking at it, hearing about it - everything. So, when NASA decided to blow up part of the moon in a search for water, she wanted to see some video of what we both thought would be something that looked really cool.

The videos we found showed nothing. Absolutely nothing visible happened when the moon was blown up. It was a complete bust! Except for the fact that, during our search, we stumbled upon some websites about aliens that gave us a few good laughs. We even found a website with helpful instructions on how to make a thought-shield-helmet to keep those pesky aliens out of your brain. The person who runs the website mentioned something called an "alien-human hybrid" but didn't go into very much detail about what he meant so we used this as our excuse for getting into contact with this man. We decided to send him an email posing as legitimate alien-fighters and see what he had to say.

Here are the emails that followed (we wanted to include the pictures of the emails to show that they are real, but, because the text is somewhat hard to see, we have "subtitles" below each picture. Also, we have blocked out the man's name and email and bolded some of our favorite parts):
My sister and I very much appreciate your website on stopping alien abductions and are in the process of creating thought screen helmets for ourselves and those we love. We have a couple questions, however, that we are hoping you can answer for us. What are the characteristics of an alien-human hybrid? What can you do if you suspect one is living among you? What do you do if you suspect you may be one of these hybrids.
Thank you very much and please stay safe,
Hello Kathryn,
So many people ask me about alien-human hybrids that I may have a site on them, since there are no good, accurate sites.
Alien-human hybrids look pretty human. Some have no hair or very little hair. A hybrid can ev
en be your lover!! They may have very large eyes or eyes with no pupils and wear sunglasses to wear their unusual eyes. They may be bald and wear what Budd Hopkins calls cheap looking wigs. Outside of that they look very human.
If you are wearing a helmet and sunglasses so they can't stare into you, they may not talk to you and they may move away. I have one incident of a woman who lost a fight with alien hybrids. She was a small, frail woman who just had surgery and two hybrids went through the wall in back of her and snuck up on h
er and held her down, then removed the helmet.
If you are dealing with a hybrid, they may contact other hybrids to help
them try to remove the helmet from you. If you have any kind of a weapon
and fight back, they may withdraw. If that happens please let me know.
Do you have a phone
number where I can call you?
I am out of town and will return late Monday night.

stop alien abductions
I really appreciate the quick reply! However, I think you can understand that I am hesitant to maintain contact because...well, how do I know that you are not an alien-human hybrid?! I am almost sure that you are not, but I don't think you can take too many precautions with this kind of thing. My sister and I have completed our helmets and are wondering if we have to wear them everywhere we go? Are there certain places alien-human hybrids can't go? Thank you, Kathryn
Hello Kathryn,
If you are being abducted, you need to wear your helmets all of the time.
As far as I know, there are few hybrids around, although they are also
driving cars on the highways.
I would only wear a helmet if you think there is a possibility of seeing
one, which is not likely as far as I know but I would not put anything past
For more information see ufoabduction.com
I would not put anything past the aliens.
I can send you directions for making a baseball cap as well.
If you want, I will call you if you want to email me your phone numbers.
This is the best I can do.

stop alien abductions

This was the last email we got because we haven't replied with anything else. We don't really want to give him a phone number but doing so could turn into something hilarious, I'm sure. Are there any questions you would like to ask him? Let us know and we'll email him again!