Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haunted Overload

Last night we traveled to Lee, New Hampshire for our final Friday of haunted houses. We went to Haunted Overload and had very high expectations for it when we drove up. They had the coolest looking props - better than anywhere we went to this year. There were gigantic witches and various ghouls, crazy alive-looking trees, and tons of carved pumpkins. There was even a headless horseman riding around on a Clydesdale.

The main haunted part was a lot like the other places we've gone to, except this one seemed to take all of the typical "scary" ideas to the next level - I mean, it is called Haunted OVERLOAD, after all. For example, instead of one guy with a chainsaw, there were four or five; there were actors on stilts and people coming out of the ground; there were a few little kids with knives.

We also got more scared here than anywhere else we've been this year. We were stumbling, screaming, and had a few falls. We aren't the type of people who get really freaked out by clowns, but Haunted Overload had a clown section that was actually really scary. There was even this really cool "magical" tunnel thing that neither one of us can understand or fully explain. It was a dark tunnel that looked like it went on forever covered in green laser light. Shadows of men came out of nowhere, and then the shadows actually turned into real people who came running out at us. It was weird. It was wild. It was a HAUNTED OVERLOAD.

So, our haunted house Fridays have come to an end for this year and I'd say it was a successful year. We went to all new places we've never been before and none of them disappointed us. Our favorites were definitely The Haunted Graveyard and Haunted Overload but they were all fun and had their own cool parts - the live tarantulas at Fright Kingdom and the creepy Winnekenni Castle, to name a few.

We can't wait until next year so we can travel New England looking for another great haunt (in Caitlin's words.)