Saturday, October 24, 2009

How did you get here?

We decided to take this post to address the people who may have stumbled across Absurd Adventurers accidentally or unexpectedly while searching for something else entirely.

To the person who searched, "I thought you said spider":
We think you're looking for the Goodfellas quote: "I thought you said, 'I'm alright, Spider'" which is what Michael Imperioli says to Joe Pesci when he doesn't get him a drink. Sorry you found our blog instead.

To the person who searched, "There's no Canada Like French Canada":
We thought all Canada was French Canada.

To the person who searched, "Look at free bikes":
Sorry, but we have no free bikes for you to look at. We do have one that we found on a sidewalk that we took home with us. We haven't done anything with it so far, but if you want it, you're going to have to pay for it.

To the person who searched "Caitlin Wilhelm Blog":
What a coincidence! One of us is name Caitlin, we went to the Wilhelm Reich Museum, and we have a blog! Too bad I don't think we are what you're looking for. Here you go.

To the multiple people who have searched for the address of Spider Gates:
It's officially on "Earle St." in Leicester, MA. But half of the adventure of going there is driving around aimlessly trying to find it, so, good luck!

To the person who searched "composting toilets broadmoor":
Uhhh, yup. They have them there.

Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce

I think we can both agree that last night was the best of the Friday-scare-nights so far. We went to The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. It took us a little under two hours to get to, so it was the longest drive so far, but it ended up being worth it. It was in the middle of an amusement park - one that we never knew existed - that actually looked pretty cool and we decided that we might have to go back there some time to ride all the rides.

We had to wait in a pretty long line and since it was raining and cold, it probably seemed like we had to wait a lot longer than we actually did. Even though there were tons of people, we moved pretty quickly so it really wasn't as bad as it looked when we saw how many people were in front of us.

The actual haunted part of it was awesome. It was so well built and intricate. There was a graveyard, 2 castles, a cave, completely dark tunnels, a slaughterhouse, and other things that I'm forgetting. We spent an HOUR walking around in there. A whole hour of getting scared! One of the coolest parts was that the real people were mixed in with fake prop-people so well that you couldn't tell what was real from what was fake - which of course meant that we consistently got scared. There were also some parts that were so dark and/or foggy that you couldn't see where you were going and our minds definitely got blown by the confusion that caused.

It was definitely one of the best put-together places we've ever seen. It was also awesome that it cost us $20 to get scared for an hour, when we normally pay that same price to go through haunted houses that take about 15 minutes or less. So, even though Bristol, Connecticut is a little out of the way for us, it was a really good choice and I think we'll probably end up going again next year. I still cannot get over the fact that it took us an hour of very slow walking to get through the whole thing and it only cost us $20!

We recommend going if you can - I don't think there's any way you can be disappointed by it. In fact, if there's only one place you can/want to go to, we would choose this one. (Even though the place we're planning on going to next week for our big finale looks like it's going to be awesome, and we might have to change the previous statement.)
A little piece of advice, though: when we were getting on the highway to come home, it basically looked like a parking lot because of construction they were doing. People were reversing their way up the on-ramp, trying to turn around and drive up the on-ramp when they were already on the highway, and getting out of their cars and walking around for some reason. Because it was the only way we knew to get home, and because we are not the kind of people who get aggravated by sitting in traffic or complain because we're just oh so busy to sit in our cars for a little while longer, we got on the highway - and in about 5 minutes, after we got past a lane merge, the traffic was gone. So, just keep in mind that a little bit of traffic is never reason enough to lose your mind and start driving up on-ramps or making some other ridiculous scene.