Monday, October 19, 2009

Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in between a Friday of snow and a Sunday of rain came a beautiful Saturday full of sun. We thought that it would have been an awful slap in the face to the universe to let this day come and go without taking advantage of it and doing something outside.

We decided to go to the Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester, MA because we loved Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick and had been planning on checking this one out for awhile. Broadmoor was so amazing and ended in such a great story for us that we decided not to have any expectations about this one because we didn't want to get our hopes up and then feel like we wasted our beautiful Saturday.

When we got there, we were a little disheartened because it didn't look very big or impressive. We spoke to the woman who worked there, went over the trail map with her, and learned that it was actually 400 acres of forest and that people have seen beavers, deer, mink, heron, and other wild creatures. However, she also told us that we came at the wrong time of year and day to see any of these because the frogs had probably already gone underground (who knew frogs went underground for the winter?!) and the other animals probably wouldn't be out.

It turned out to not even matter that the animals were too chilly to come out of their cozy little homes - the trees were BEAUTIFUL! We have never been the kind of people who drive up to Vermont to check out the foliage or stop by the side of the highway to set up a tripod and take nature shots, probably because we've become so used to it that we just take it for granted. This trip, however, reminded us how much we love the changing seasons and of how lucky we are that we get to see the leaves changing such amazing colors.

No trip to the great outdoors would be complete for us, however, without some kind of ridiculous story and this trip definitely fulfilled it's job. We came across this little brook with a nature-made stone bridge going across it:My sister, Emily, and I were checking out the water when we heard a small gasp and turned to see Caitlin falling very slowly and very comically on the rocks. It may have been the longest continuous fall that I have ever witnessed and she pinballed off of about 5 different rocks before finally resting on the ground. Each elbow hit a different rock, each knee hit a different rock, she hit her lower back on still another rock. Her final impact caused her hat to fly off of her head and Emily and I stood there confused and laughing hysterically while trying our hardest to focus up, fulfill our familial duty and ask how she was. Although there was a hint of tears, she was mostly overwhelmed (as we were) with laughing at herself and wondering how she possibly could have tripped and hit so many different rocks with so many different body parts.

As we drove home we realized that Caitlin hurt her elbow pretty badly and was experiencing really sharp pains whenever she tried to move her arm - but we all just mind-over-mattered it and she's doing fine now - bruised and sore, but fine.

We cannot wait to go back again.