Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fright Kingdom

October is here! And with it comes one of our most favorite traditions of the year: going to haunted houses every Friday night until Halloween. We love being scared and it's even better when there is absolutely no threat of actual pain or death. This year, we're going all over New England and, although we won't give too much away about each place, we'll tell you how it was and whether or not we would recommend it.

We started last night by going to Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire. It was all indoors which was awesome because it was a little cold out. There were three separate "attractions" inside: the first was like a house, the second was 3D clowns and the third thing had vampires in it. I made the mistake of saying Caitlin's name when we were approaching the clowns, so of course they kept coming after her yelling her name. We've been in haunted houses that have 3D portions before but this one was probably the best. Maybe it was the quality of the glasses or the fact that it was well-lit that allowed us to see where we were going - but not well enough to be able to tell what was real or fake. It also had some other things that we've never seen before at other places, so we're really glad we went - even though we got really scared.

Of course, if you are one of those people who thinks you're too cool for life and you want to look like a tough guy, you won't let yourself be scared by it and you should probably just stay home. We've gone to places before where we've had to listen to people who paid to get in complaining about how dumb and childish and "not scary" these places are and, if you are one of these people who hates having fun and just loves to complain, don't go. But, if you like getting scared and letting yourself get scared and don't mind looking a little stupid when you scream and jump, check out Fright Kingdom. We had a lot of fun.