Friday, July 31, 2009

Spider Gates Cemetery

Chances are that if you live in Massachusetts or like ghost/haunting stories, you’ve heard of Spider Gates. It is a cemetery that has eight gates to Hell! And a hanging tree! And cult sacrifices! We both love to scare ourselves but Caitlin will only investigate a ghostly story/place as long as it is away from our own home and during the daytime; so we decided to go to Spider Gates during the day – obviously so that the cults wouldn’t murder us for their gods and the ghosts wouldn’t capture us and bring us down to Hell.

One thing scarier to both of us than ghosts and haunted places are homeless people who might be angry at us for trespassing in their home and psycho murderers. I tried to convince Caitlin that encountering either of those would be impossible. Why would anyone want to hang out in an obscure cemetery during the day when it’s not even cool or scary? Despite my insistence that we would not find anything out of the ordinary, Caitlin wanted to be prepared! So she brought an exacto knife. You know, the kind used by housewives for scrapbooking crafts. It would surely protect us against a serial killer who was skilled in murder or any other threat to our safety…

We eventually got to the gates, after taking several wrong turns and walking the “long” distance through the woods. After staging pictures at the gates we went in to find a bunch of old graves and branches all over the place.

We were creeping around and trying to scare ourselves and each other when Caitlin turned pale and froze. She gripped the exacto knife in her hand and said in an urgent and loud whisper, “THERE’S PEOPLE OVER THERE!” She was actually holding the exacto knife as if she were a gang member who had been stabbing people her whole life and had no problem cutting someone. I peeked over to where she was pointing and saw two people sitting on the ground and crying in front of a grave. I then looked at one of the gravestones closest to me and saw that it was pretty recent. We knew that the cemetery was still owned by Quakers but had no idea that people were still buried there!

After the initial terror wore off, we instantly felt like a couple of jerks for sneaking around this cemetery and taking pictures while these people mourned their loved one(s) and left a couple minutes after we got there.

Moral of the story: sometimes when you set out to scare yourselves on an adventure, you end up getting scared by something you never would have expected.