Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wilhelm Reich Museum

If you ever find yourself in Rangeley, Maine and have exhausted all the resources for having fun that you can find (such as the hardware store and ice cream stand), take a ride on over to the Wilhelm Reich Museum. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for an adventure.
We learned about this place in a book called Weird New England so we expected it to be a little bit wacky but weren’t fully prepared for the amount of weirdness we were to experience.

Wilhelm Reich was a scientist who studied under Freud and then moved to Rangeley. He supposedly discovered an energy he called “orgone” that he used to treat cancer and control the weather He also ended up in prison for the last days of his life.

So the tour started in a small dark room with folding chairs set up. We had to watch a DVD about Reich’s life that lasted way too long to occupy our attention. Luckily our tour guide, who sat in the corner, interjected random facts she thought were funny throughout the presentation. After the video, we were brought into the house/laboratory and told not to take any pictures because they didn’t want the pictures to be sold to outside media …. (I hope it’s ok for me to be writing this!)

The first floor had all of Reich’s weirdo machines and contraptions: like the cloud buster that could create or dissipate clouds and an orgone chamber for someone to get locked into. Upstairs was his bedroom, living room, library and examination room – and I don’t believe there were doors to any of these rooms. There were weird books and paintings and pictures of his wives and girlfriends. On the third floor was his observatory and painting room that stepped out onto the roof with such a beautiful view of the mountains all around. After the official tour, we were brought back down to the first floor so that we could quench our insatiable curiosity of his machines – which apparently was not satisfied by the first 25 minutes we spent looking around in there.

We then walked a little way into the woods to find Reich’s tomb and another cloud buster. After we looked at all of his books in the gift shop we left and our watchful tour guide waved wildly and yelled when we went the wrong way – it would have been a disaster if we had continued and met the HOARDS of people trying to make their way to the museum. We went down the road a little way to the conference room because we had to go to the bathroom. This building apparently holds the wackjobs who spend $275 to come to the museum for 4 day long conferences annually to discuss Reich and his work. The door wasn’t locked and it didn’t look like there was anyone in the building so we seized the opportunity to explore.

The reading room housed all of Reich’s writings that they charged $20+ for in the gift shop. I resisted the urge to swipe any of them. There was also the actual ORGONE ROOM! A whole room that we could sneak into – just like the tiny compartment we weren’t allowed to touch in the museum! So, anyway, we were poking around and taking pictures (oops!) when a man burst out of a closed door at the end of the room half-yelling, “MAY I HELP YOU?” He was mad scientist from the neck up and lumberjack from the neck down and he very nearly gave us all a heart attack. We all were semi-nervous due to the ridiculous nature of the situation we suddenly found ourselves in and told him we were just looking, as I hid my camera from him. He very quickly ushered us to the door and asked, “Can I answer any questions for you?” Our mom answered, “I wouldn’t really know where to start!” and he barked, “IT’S REALLY NOT THAT HARD!” And we left.

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

We didn’t exactly know what to expect when we decided to go to Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, MA but it far surpassed whatever we could concoct in our heads about what it would be like. Caitlin summed it up well when she said, “Wow, I’ve seen more wildlife in the first 10 minutes than I expected to see all day!” There were trails but no real boundaries so you could pretty much roam free – which is exactly what we love to do. There also weren’t many people there, and no one around us, so we definitely felt like we were alone in the great outdoors.

One of the highlights of the day was definitely “DANGER TRAIL” which really lived up to the name we gave it before we even ventured down it. It was literally off of the beaten path and wasn’t somewhere we were supposed to go, but being the rebels that we are, we had to check it out. We far underestimated the steepness of the hill we would have to walk up as well as the distance to the top. Thankfully our rebel spirit mixed with our curiosity pushed us through when we really just wanted to give up and sit down. When we got all the way to the top, Caitlin discovered a creepy abandoned piano…so of course we had to get a closer look and stage a photo op with it! Emily (our younger sister) stayed at the top of the path and realized that it ran parallel to a closed road and that we had come to the outermost boundary of the sanctuary. Caitlin and I started wondering about what sort of person would dump a piano in a wildlife sanctuary – and how the heck they would accomplish such a task.

Of course, the next logical jump for our minds to make was that a dead body was also dumped up there, which was why the road was closed (for police investigations) and that the psycho killer was hiding up there awaiting his next victims.

We ran down that hill SO FAST – I didn’t think it was even humanly possible. We were vaulting over downed trees and branches and we got to the bottom in, like, 15 seconds. Once the adrenaline wore off and we were a safe distance away from DANGER TRAIL, we realized how exhausted we were…running away from imaginary psycho murderers is probably the best exercise you could get.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and we recommend visiting (although we would advise using the bathroom before you leave the house because the composting black hole toilets are way too scary to actually use.) It even inspired us to adopt the kind of lifestyle we thought fitting of those who frequent wildlife sanctuaries and ate granola bars and apples on the way home.

Thunder over Louisville!

Our family has been going to Louisville, KY to stay with friends who have become family for our whole lives and before we were even born. This year, our parents decided to go down there for 2 weeks so that we could see Thunder over Louisville as well as the Kentucky Derby. We set out for our long trip and before we even got out of our driveway, Kathryn spilled a soda all over herself. She didn’t want to halt the trip to get out and change so she just had to sit uncomfortably until it all dried – a couple hours later.

After 16 hours we finally arrived and headed down to the river. We walked around for awhile, snacking on some chicken-on-a-stick and having some of Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda. We then spent the afternoon on the roof of the Humana building’s parking garage. We played cornhole and ate barbecue as we watched the crazy loud and jack-diesel airshow. Those planes were so tough!

Caitlin had seen Thunder twice before but this was Kathryn’s first time. IT WAS AMAZING. It’s too bad that all fireworks shows have now been ruined because none of them can compare to Thunder over Louisville.


This is our very first blog and we would like to use it as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and what we're trying to do.

We are Kathryn and Caitlin.
We are sisters.
We are adventurers.
Everything we do and everywhere we go turns into an adventure.
Even the most dull situations have a way of becoming absurd and fun when we are involved.

We also love to travel and have been having these adventures of ours in many states during the course of our lives.

Our knack for finding adventure and making every situation fun has led us to this blog because we want to share our stories in hopes of inspiring more adventures. People seem to let life pass them by these days and we believe it is time to change that and bring back the adventurous spirit. We are also hoping to find more places to go and things to experience through the ideas of people reading this blog.

In most cases we will have pictures and videos to go along with our stories and would like to make this blog an opportunity for ideas and stories to be shared.

Thanks for reading and feel free to go out and have an adventure.