Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Bucket List Adventure

Adventures have been scarce lately so we have decided to embark on a semi-artificial one and create our own bucket list. We don't like the term "bucket list" for what we're doing, though, because, even though we will be creating a list of things to do before we "kick the bucket", we feel like calling it that implies that one of us is Jack Nicholson and the other is Morgan Freeman. This causes problems on many levels because, we don't normally identify with older men, but also because, well, who gets to be who?! There are benefits to both, but instead, we've decided to leave that discussion behind and, even though we tried coming up with different names for it, we're just going to suck it up and call it our BUCKET LIST.

We each have a list of about 20 things so far and although we share a lot of the same goals, some of them are different.
Here is our combined list so far (with a name in parentheses if only one of us wants to do this):
1. Have a boxing match (Kathryn)
2. Cliff dive
3. Climb a mountain
4. Drive Route 66
5. Experience weightlessness
6. Go deep-sea fishing (Kathryn)
7. Create a short film based on Neil Diamond's "America" (Kathryn)
8. Orbit the Earth (Caitlin)
9. Go kayaking
10. Watch a rocket blastoff
11. Own a house at Old Orchard Beach
12. Take a ride in a hot air balloon
13. See what REALLY happens when you take a locking shopping cart to the end of the parking lot (Caitlin)
14. Road trip across the USA
15. Scuba dive (Caitlin)
16. See Mt. Rushmore
17. Zipline
18. See pyramids
19. Go in the ocean at nighttime
20. Skydive
21. Visit all 50 states
22. Go to Ireland
23. Go to Greece (Kathryn)
24. Niagara Falls
25. Grand Canyon
26. Whitewater rafting
27. Sing in a gospel church choir (Kathryn)

We'll keep updating this when we add more or if we are able to cross something off - because I'm sure we'll have a ridiculous story to accompany most of these.


  1. waw. good adventures, thanks. hi i follow you, please follow me too. bye

  2. There are some great ideas in your list.
    Personally -- Morgan Freeman all the way. :)

  3. Yea, he's probably the best choice - he does have a fantastic voice!