Saturday, October 10, 2009

Castle of Fear

Last night we went to the Castle of Fear in Haverhill, MA. It's at this place called Winnekenni Castle and has four different parts to it: the Freaky Fobic Castle of Fear, Dreaded Dragon 3-D Lair, Killer Klown Lazer Catastrophe and Howling Hayride of Horror. Besides having the GREATEST POSSIBLE NAMES for haunted attractions, it also had the best scenic drive up to the actual castle.

When we saw the sign and turned onto the road we were met by complete darkness and no sign of life. There was a dark building to the right and no lights anywhere. We continued on the dirt road and winded through the woods, not knowing if this place was actually open or if we had made a wrong turn somewhere. We learned that nothing gets you ready to be scared like driving through the woods at night with no lights guiding you and if we ever decide to open our own haunted house, we're definitely going to follow their lead.

We finally reached the top of the hill and saw a huge fire, a couple people hanging out around it and a huge castle that was not lit at all. The castle is on our list of places to go back to (even during the day time) because it was so cool looking and would be fun to explore. Unfortunately, because of rainy weather, we weren't able to go on the Howling Hayride of Horror, but they gave us a discount on our tickets and free tickets to come back and try it out another time.

Once in there, it was pretty much like every other haunted house we've been to - we got scared, we were confused about where to go, and ended up really tired after it all. It was probably a combination of the anxiety caused by the drive up, the huge fire out front, and the scary-looking castle that made this one of the scariest ones we've been to.

One of the best parts of the whole night was when Caitlin, while playing laser tag, fell on the ground (multiple times) and even rolled outside of the tent - claiming that it was too hard for her to see...

All in all it was a good time and definitely a good choice. We'll probably go back for the hayride - because we know it will be scary and also because we have free tickets for it. We recommend checking it out because what's cooler than a haunted castle? Nothing.

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