Sunday, October 11, 2009

Adventures into Musical Super-Stardom

One of the greatest ideas we have ever had was when we decided to start our own bluegrass band last summer. We figured that since a lot of the songs we were hearing sounded like they were written by children we could write a few songs, get famous, and make millions of dollars! The plan started falling apart from its' inception, however, because the only musical genre we thought we could weasel our way into was bluegrass - not exactly home to the richest musicians. Even though we don't play instruments and have never been complimented on our singing abilities, we thought, "how hard could it honestly be?" and set to making a MySpace page to get ourselves out there - the first step for any successful band.

We decided to pick three country-sounding words that we would each go by: I became Twig, Caitlin became Twine, and Emily (our younger sister) became Jute. Thus, Twig, Twine & Jute was born! Our first two songs, "Fiddlin'" and "Country Fever" were written and recorded the first day we started the group and we thought that could only be a GREAT sign of things to come - untold riches and tremendous success were the only things we could see on the horizon. So the next logical step was for us to stage a country/bluegrass/redneck photo shoot in the back yard that really spoke to our dedication to our craft.Because we became relatively popular on MySpace, we're going to give some advice to fledgling bands out there: add and except everyone you can find. Since MySpace is all about popularity anyway, no one turns down a friend request. We requested bluegrass fans, country fans, hardcore fans, death-metal fans, people who don't speak English, old men and women trying to recapture their youth through a social-networking site, bands, photographers, comedians, basically anyone we could find. The wildest part to us was when people ACTUALLY LISTENED TO OUR SONGS, thought we were a real band, and messaged us about buying a CD.

Although we had the advertising and "gimmick" part of the music industry down, we realized that the "music" part of the music industry is the most difficult part. We figured we could get around our lack of knowledge, experience, and talent by writing catchy tunes and having as many MySpace friends as possible. While this was true for awhile, the songs eventually stopped coming. We tried adding instruments we thought we'd be able to master quickly - like the washboard, spoons, harmonica, and accordion (all apt for our genre) - but we still could never write a song that reached the 3 minute mark. We gradually lost interest as our ideas for songs ran dry and, although we have not officially broken up, we are "taking a break." To the public and our fans, we have attributed this break to in-band fighting (because doesn't that happen to all bands?), but we have kept the MySpace, should we ever plan a reunion.

Twig, Twine & Jute song list:
Country Fever
'Tain't No Use
Jim's Tale
My Banjo
I Just Wanna
Southern Summertime
Kentucky Way

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