Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adventures in Time Travel and Past Lives

Yesterday was a strange day in the house. Caitlin was acting weird all day and finally, around 7PM she figured out why: she was living in the past, present, and future all at the same time.
Here's a video where she explains what she was feeling:


After this, we started looking up various things related to time travel, remembering things from before you were born, crystal children, promnesia, paramnesia, deja vu, and more. We felt like the best way to figure out how Caitlin was able to live in different moments simultaneously and how to explain why she could remember situations and objects from before she was alive was to look into her past lives. We went to so many websites that charged ridiculous amounts of money for tapes and videos but we wanted immediate results. We found a few free websites that claimed to only need your name and birthdate to come up with a detailed account of your past lives. We aren't the most skeptical or cynical people in the world but something about those sites seemed really fake, even to us.

We finally found one that we wanted to try because it was free and we could do it ourselves. We followed all of the steps of the exercise perfectly; I acted as moderator and Caitlin was the actual participant. We were taking it very seriously and fully believed it would work - because believing it will work is probably all you really need to make it work. We really were dedicated to unearthing the answer to this mystery but certain words or phrases I had to say during the exercise broke our concentration and relaxation, things like:

Your body should now be filled with beautiful healing light. Take a moment to bask in it: feel it's warmth and it's safety.

let the love of the universe surround you.

Like a deep sea diver come back up slowly to the surface of your conscious awareness. You have been to a deep place within you and you must readjust to your normal waking state.

Needless to say, we may have ended up laughing more than actually finding any answers and Caitlin was not able to see herself in a past life - but we are not going to abandon this journey through time! This adventure through the universe is not over! Just like Ellen A. Mogenson (who created the exercise we used) we are going to allow ourselves to be inspired by the help of the guardians of time and we will figure out who Caitlin really is!

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