Sunday, September 6, 2009

Free bikes?! No way!

A lack of common sense usually leads to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding but yesterday, it led to an adventure.

Caitlin had a little bit of "tendonitis" and needed some chicken tenders for lunch - the frozen kind that you just throw in the oven. I offered to get them for her, but got to the grocery store and couldn't find them anywhere, so I came home empty handed with a promise to take her with me to a different grocery store. Who knew that chicken tenders were put with the frozen foods and not with chicken?! I definitely didn't and so all my trash talking about the first grocery store ("They never have anything we want anyway. Can you imagine going there for, like, your whole week's worth of groceries? You'd eat the worst foods") ended up being me trash talking my own stupidity.

However, this extra trip to a different grocery store brought us by 3 bikes standing on a corner with a sign reading, "FREE BIKES" tied to the handlebars of one of them - of course we stopped to get a better look. When we got out of the car and took a good look at the bikes, before touching them or testing any part of them, we decided we needed 2 of them in our lives. They both looked really old, in a cool way, and one of them was gold, which meant that I needed to have it (despite the fact that I don't know how to ride a bike and have no desire to learn.)

We wheeled them over to my open trunk and quickly realized that neither one of them was going to fit, let alone 2 of them. With heavy hearts, we made the decision to ditch one of them and, because the gold one was missing a tire, it was the one that needed to go back to standing on the corner with its' brother.

Now we needed to fit the larger blue bike into the backseat. Caitlin pushed it in pretty easily while I supervised (which is the way it usually goes when we try to accomplish something) but we couldn't figure out how to make it fit so that we could close both of the doors without busting something. We faced our tensest moment when we stood at opposite doors, handlebars sticking out on my side and a tire sticking out Caitlin's, and spoke to each other over the bike sitting awkwardly in the backseat:

"What are we doing...honestly? Is there any real use for this in our lives?"
"Patrick will take it apart and use it."
"We don't even know if the brakes work or if the tires are messed up. It's kind of rusty, now that I look at it...and it's not fitting in the car!"
"We'll make it work."

We made it work.
The moral of this adventure story is one that we have lived by for a long time and, once again, proved itself to be true: If it's free, take it. No matter what it is or how hard it will be to fit it into the backseat of your car.


  1. That's some fun story. I hope it was not one of "if it's free, take it even if you don't need it" kinda story.
    Make a good use of it :)

  2. we are hoping to put it to good use, but if it doesn't end up working out, it might end up on our corner with a similar sign :)

  3. Gill, I keep trying to comment on your blog but it won't let me! Whenever I put a letter in any one of the boxes it takes me back to the main page..