Friday, August 21, 2009

Polar Caves

While on vacation in New Hampshire, we decided to revisit one of the places we had been to a long time ago: Polar Caves in Plymouth. We couldn't remember much about it except that there were a lot of stairs.

When we got there, it was super hot but once we got into the caves it was really nice and we didn't really want to come back out again. We very quickly realized that these caves were way more difficult to maneuver than Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. There was a lot of walking up stairs and contorting your body and squatting and bending so it was pretty tiring but also a lot of fun.

Caitlin and I took up the caboose and found out that we are SO BAD at caves. I hit my head and scraped my shoulder and we both tripped and slipped multiple times. Our mom and younger sister were ahead of us and doing fine - they looked like they were born in a cave while we rolled our ankles and scraped our spines.

When we got to the "Lemon Squeeze" a tour guide named Bob appeared behind us with his walking stick and kerchief around his neck and we got nervous that he'd see us fall or that he would surpass all of us and make us look bad, but he just kept walking by after a failed attempt at joking with him about using his walking stick to push people through the cave...

The "Lemon Squeeze" was definitely the highlight of the day because it was only 12 inches wide and Caitlin was the only one who made it through successfully. It involved a lot of squeezing yourself in, pulling yourself up a rock and pushing yourself through. I tried to do it but got scared thinking about The Descent and also felt way too rushed because the 7 year olds in the group behind us kept yelling, "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EASY THIS IS LIKE THE EASIEST THING I'VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE I'VE NEVER BEEN THROUGH SOMETHING WIDER IT'S LIKE AS WIDE AS AN OPEN FIELD BUT YOU PROBABLY WON'T BE ABLE TO DO IT BUT FOR ME, IT'S JUST SO EASY I MIGHT NOT EVEN DO IT BECAUSE IT WON'T EVEN BE A CHALLENGE I WON'T EVEN KNOW I'M GOING THROUGH IT BECAUSE IT'S SO EASY FOR ME AND I WON'T EVEN TOUCH THE SIDES" so I took the easy way out and went through the "Orange Crush" which meant a lot of squatting and waddling.

But Caitlin did it! And she'll never let any of us forget it.


  1. happy cave ya'll, so thet one in the lemon squeeze gets all the braggin rights, better give her the lemon award. you girls is crazy, we bein havin fun on this here vacation without all them blamed bruises.
    plainole bob

    oh an bess too