Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's No Fun Like Canada Fun

We picked the worst week in the history of the world to take a vacation in Eustis, Maine. It rained almost everyday and, I don't know if you know anything about Eustis, but there are only four things you can do when you're up there: go to the lake that has leeches in it, shop for antiques, paint rocks and go moosin'. None of these activities are particularly fun or amazing (although seeing 10+ moose in one night is kind of cool), especially when it's raining and cold.

So, we decided to take a drive on up to Canada because...well, why not? We were on one straight road for what seemed like forever and when we finally got to the border, we realized that we still had to drive for about another hour on one straight road to actually reach some sort of civilization. We figured that this much driving in the forest must mean that we were headed for something AWESOME!

........We went to the dollar store.

We also stopped at a cheese factory and bought some "squeaky cheese" - called that because it squeaks against your teeth with every bite. It was actually really good but we soon got it stuck in our heads that we were eating curds and grossed ourselves out.

We even went to a restaurant! A real Canadian restaurant! They spoke French and everything!

.....we got hamburgers and french fries.

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